Financial times – Are you ready for a meeting with your CFO?

Written by Christian Kohler for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Do you really know the Return of Investment (ROI) of your Customer Centric Management (CCM) activities?

On my last business trip to Germany I was reading an interesting article about the credit crunch which is affecting many companies in Europe at the moment, and which makes continuous innovation and growth so difficult in almost every industry.

We are definitely living in financial times and access to capital becomes more and more crucial for the prosperity of our economy, for many companies it turns out to be a key element to survive this deep crisis we are facing in the European Union.

“ROI is Key”

For CEOs, CFOs and other Top Managers the current situation means to take tough decisions, because the importance of corporate solvency, cash flow development and of the general debt strategy is rising. The Return of Investment (ROI) of every strategic initiative is turning into a key consideration for the management. All departments have to justify in detail all investments and cost items of their budgets. Projects or initiatives without clear objectives, assumption of their impact on revenues, profit or costs are rejected before even appearing on the board meeting agenda.


Buljan & Partners Consulting 10th Anniversary – "Great People"

Written by Buljan & Partners Consulting

2012 is a significant year for Buljan&Partners, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary!

The key to our success are our clients who trust in us, the projects that we have delivered in the last 10 years, and the team working with our clients in the field, to help them be a customer-centric organization. I proudly invite you to follow our anniversary campaign “Great Projects for Great Clients with Great People“, starting with this first video dedicated to our B&P TeamENJOY!

The Sunflower – Customer Centric Metaphore

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting

There is a very meaningful and unique icon in our company and it is sunflowers. And the explanation to this is because sunflowers turn to its origin of life -the sun- as well as a company turns to its reason of existence -the customer-. And that is clear. The sun never stays exactly in the same position since days and nights start all over again every 24 hours.


Announcing CRM Idol 2012 – season 2

Written by Buljan & Partners Consulting

CRM Idol is back! Last year we started an adventure towards engaging the CRM community in innovation, and active participation to find 2011´s promising CRM solution. “We” means Paul Greenberg as thinking head and primary judge for the Americas and EMEA, Esteban Kolsky, Jesús Hoyos, Denis Pombriant and Brent Leary as primary judges for the Americas, and Mark Tamis, Laurence Buchanan and myself as primary judges for EMEA. 


CRM in times of crisis

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Customer Centricity policies in companies are a must in regular times. But a crisis can boost your company to have a need of efficiency and this would lead to a need of focus on your most important target – your customers. In the following we explain 5 areas where customer centricity can add value;

  • Product focus -> Customer focus
  • Increasing loyalty
  • Organization and efficiency
  • Detect potential services
  • Motivation