Buljan & Partners Consulting – 10 Year Anniversary: Video "Great Clients"

Written by Buljan & Partners Consulting

Receive our warmest welcome to this 3rd video of our 10th anniversary campaign “Great Projects for Great Clients with Great People”, dedicated to our CLIENTS.

We are very touched by the references we have received from BMW Group, Microsoft, Andreas Stihl and mmmm Abogados.


Ryanair – The ultimate Customer Experience mystery

Written by Monique Jansen for Buljan & Partners Consulting

How can a company provoke both love and hatred from their customers? What is the thing that attracts us to them even though we know we will be “tortured” along all customer path and at all touch points, while making a booking, while boarding, during the flight, at arrival? Are they brilliant or just lucky, this is what I would like to find out to solve the Ryanair mystery.

Many blogs exist in which Ryanair is analyzed to the bone and usually in a bad way. There even exists a blog call “I hate Ryanair” http://www.ihateryanair.org/.  And what made me write this is a tweet from the Economist I saw on low costs airlines charging exuberant extras for paying with credit card while paying with credit card is the only payment method offered.