Customer-centric leaders: be excited to excite

Written by Raquel Calleja for Buljan & Partners Consulting

They are the motor which moves the company; they are key gear between strategy and implementation to the client but they are frequently also the most ignored.

Middle managers, so far protagonists only on the paper, acquire visibility and relevance when we are looking for “whom” can empower employees to make the choice of exciting customers and make them stay because they choose to be loyal.

They are the bosses par excellence, and in some cases by demand, not by vocation. So, they go “from one promotion to the other” but without the knowledge or proper recognition to excel in creating memorable experiences to their partners and these to customers.


Emotionale Kundenbeziehungen könnten weitaus besser sein

Von Daniela Helmer, Managing Consultant und Michaelle Hendrickson, Consultant

CRM Customer Experience

Ein bizarres Urteil: Unternehmen sind alles andere als großartige Liebhaber! Traurig aber wahr: Die aktuelle “Liebesbeziehung” zwischen Unternehmen und Kunden ist alles andere als innig. Für immer und ewig, das war einmal – Kunden geben offen zu, dass sie fremdshoppen.