CX: Kunden-Management mit Erfolgsgarantie

Interview mit Silvana Buljan, Gründerin von Buljan & Partners Consulting aus dem Kundenmagazin der Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Deutschland GmbH (SGBDD)

„Customer Experience“ ist die Summe aller Erlebnisse, Situationen, Zusammenkünfte und Interaktionen, die ein Kunde in Bezug auf ein Unternehmen und im Laufe des Kundenlebenszyklus erlebt und fühlt. Dies aktiv – und positiv – zu managen, führt zu herausragenden Erfolgen in der Kundenbeziehung.


Customer Experience – Der erste Eindruck zählt

Von Daniela Helmer, Managing Consultant und Michaelle Hendrickson, Consultant

Letzte Woche war ich auf Geschäftsreise und residierte in einem sehr bekannten 5-Sterne Hotel in Hamburg. Hätte man mich um eine Bewertung auf TripAdvisor gebeten, wäre das Hotel um eine Weiterempfehlung reicher. Vom Service bis hin zur Ausstattung stimmte alles. Das war zumindest meine Wahrnehmung. Hätten sie dagegen meinen Kollegen gefragt, hätte sich das Hotel eine heftige Kritik eingefangen. Wie war so etwas möglich? Bei seiner Ankunft war niemand an der Rezeption, zudem fehlten Wegweiser zu den Konferenzsälen noch wurde er von den vorbeieilenden Hotelangestellten wahrgenommen – so kam es, dass er für einige Minuten orientierungslos in der Empfangshalle warten musste.



Financial times – Are you ready for a meeting with your CFO?

Written by Christian Kohler for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Do you really know the Return of Investment (ROI) of your Customer Centric Management (CCM) activities?

On my last business trip to Germany I was reading an interesting article about the credit crunch which is affecting many companies in Europe at the moment, and which makes continuous innovation and growth so difficult in almost every industry.

We are definitely living in financial times and access to capital becomes more and more crucial for the prosperity of our economy, for many companies it turns out to be a key element to survive this deep crisis we are facing in the European Union.

“ROI is Key”

For CEOs, CFOs and other Top Managers the current situation means to take tough decisions, because the importance of corporate solvency, cash flow development and of the general debt strategy is rising. The Return of Investment (ROI) of every strategic initiative is turning into a key consideration for the management. All departments have to justify in detail all investments and cost items of their budgets. Projects or initiatives without clear objectives, assumption of their impact on revenues, profit or costs are rejected before even appearing on the board meeting agenda.


10 years Customer Centric Management in Spain: still finding the path…

Written by Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners Consulting

When positioning Customer Centric Management in conferences, meetings with clients and even in discussions with subject matter experts from the industry, I come to the same conclusion as about 10 years ago: focus is on consolidating customer information (“I want to know”), across channels evolving with technology (from phone via Internet to social networks), and seeing in the customer a profitable cash-cow in the short term (“I want to sell better and more”). The only difference is the nomenclature: we don´t talk about CRM any more, but about customer centricity, customer experience, customer co-creation and, and, and.

The holistic view on customer management is still missing, because in the top rows of most organizations long term and profitable economic growth based on “doing the right things right” has disappeared from the agenda, and all initiatives related with customer management are considered as candidates for “automation”. Why don´t we learn from all the real cases that we have seen in the CRM industry since so many years? Demonstrating with business cases that technology without a business proposal, based on the company´s strategy and corporate values, has absolutely no value for excellent relations with customers, who in the long term are THE asset for improved business performance?


Success story of a Spanish supermarket chain

Written by Lisa Rottmann for Buljan & Partners Consulting

The Spanish financial crisis challenges even the largest and most valued companies and changes strategic trends in different market sectors. A few years ago, El Corte Inglés comfortably occupied the first place in the distribution chain of Spanish supermarkets, now Mercadona has stolen the “throne”.

Mercadona’s success is due to a commercial strategy based on creating value for and satisfying the needs of all stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers and society – all of equal importance.


Customer Centric Management in 2012 as synonym for Corporate Crisis Management….

Written by Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners Consulting

The first decade of the 21st century is over, and it has left the globalized world in a paralysis of analysis – we have been so busy with defining the most effective economic models, optimized processes and efficient management standards, all driven by innovative technology. What has been a revolution in production in the 80s and 90s has moved to a fast-moving automation of human interaction, with social networks being on top of the list. Our thrill to show that our brains are more and more developed with each new generation causes a growing alienation from the essence of the human being – emotions.


How do internal clients feel about client centricity

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Society progresses, needs change, mentality evolves – and we know this very clearly when we think about clients. But do companies think of their own internal clients (=employees)? Employee commitment and affection to a company are a strong prescription for clients to buy a product or service. Some companies are learning that a motivated employee is not only more productive but will also recommend the product or service to everyone.

Employee profiles can be all very different. But what is important is that any employee has a feeling of liking the place they are working in, and the activities they are involved in.